Clint’s Testimonial

Suzanne’s reflexology session was without a doubt one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. In fact, I cannot usually stand anyone touching my feet, however, since I have complete confidence in Suzanne’s abilities I decided to try the technique. Using the more gentle ‘American’ approach of rolling and pressure techniques it completely relaxed me and left me with a general feeling of well being and clear-headedness. I felt totally refreshed at the end of the session and immediately booked another.

  I have already recommended Suzanne to my family and friends with my sister requesting a booking during her upcoming visit in a few months. Thank you so much Suzanne, how fortunate we are to have access to your talent.”

Debra Drinan – Rockhampton

“I began seeing Suzanne 14 years ago after injuring my lower back. I spent two years in constant agony going from chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc, anything I could find for relief. Nothing. Pains from lower back to feet, no feeling in my toes. Cried constantly until one day a man suggested Suzanne to my husband, what a lifesaver she has been for me. I must stress not an immediate miracle but with her reassurance and confidence and my husbands, I persisted. What did I have to lose, I was desperate. Took twelve months to come good and I will never let anyone else treat me again with any other treatment but Bowen! So gentle but my goodness so effective. A beautiful therapist and incredible treatment has given me quality of life back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Jenny M

After my son injured his ankle in sport we turned to Bowen Therapy for help. I am so grateful to Suzanne for her gentle releases, which reduced the muscle tightness in my son’s legs. The sessions have improved his range of motion greatly and he is now running freely, without any pain. He looks forward to sessions

Petrea C

I had basic back pain in 2004 which eventually resulted in a left hip replacement in 2005. This was unsuccessful and further operations were required in 2009 and 2010. Pain in the hip area continued. In 2016, I was diagnosed with curvature of the spine (scoliosis) and osteoporosis of the spine – severe. In November 2016 I was placed in hospital rehabilitation, much of the treatment in rehab involved physio. In the past, I have received much relief from Suzanne and Bowen Therapy and my doctor has suggested this treatment would be less invasive. I find that I have much relief and my quality of life is improving with this treatment from Suzanne. I am over 70 years of age and it also helps me breathe better

Margaret B

Back pain, neck and shoulder tightness have been problems that I have dealt with for many years. After having foot surgery, my gait has changed, thus my posture has changed. Suzanne assessed me then explained how she could help. My experience has been amazing. Suzanne’s clear voice and gentleness relaxes you and the session is enjoyable and so helpful. I look forward to my next session. I am convinced that it works and has made a difference for me. Suzanne is knowledgeable and caring and I am grateful for the support and relief she has given me

Pauline M